MV Mercantile 3
The Mercantile in Alexandria, Indiana - Recipient of the 2018 Indiana Lt. Governor's Award for Excellence in Rural Affordable Housing - IHCDA and IAHC
and Finalist in the Affordable Housing Finance Magazine's 2018 Readers' Choice Awards
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MV Ashbury Grace

Ashbury Pointe II resident
Grace Halderman recently
celebrated her 100th birthday.
She has lived independently
in an affordable apartment
at Ashbury Pointe II in 
Pendleton, Indiana since 2008.
Happy Birthday, Grace!
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2000-2019 PRODUCTION 



Total Development Cost 


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Client Projects

 68  1,895  $203,051,017

Milestone Projects

 18  373  $60,203,123


86 2,268 $263,254,140


Since 2000, Milestone Ventures has been the answer to streamlining affordable housing development. Milestone Ventures is credited as the premier partner for non-profit organizations with processes suited to their needs. We specialize in expanding and enhancing the capacity of non-profits to undertake complex affordable housing developments. We have developed in both rural and urban communities, creating developments for families, senior citizens, and persons with disabilities. We believe having a diverse background in all phases of development allows for a repeatable, proven process.    

Indiana Stellar Community Experience

Milestone Ventures is implementing affordable rental housing developments in two designated "Stellar Communities." We are the owner/developer of Prince Street Cottages in Princeton and the housing consultant for Hoosier Uplands Economic Development Corporation's Stonecutters Place in Bedford. We also played an integral role in Bedford receiving the Stellar Community designation, serving as the consulting firm for preparation of both its 2013 Letter of Interest and Stellar Communities application.    

Community and Neighborhood Plans

Our staff have strong backgrounds in community planning.  We are able to assist local governments by analyzing current conditions, engaging citizen input, and creating a shared vision and coordinated strategy for community development and revitalization.    

Feasibility Analysis

Milestone Ventures will work with you to determine the optimal project size, apartment mix, and income/rent targeting throughout the process. Budget preparation and market demand analysis play an important role in each decision and we have the right tools to make sure those decisions are successful.    

Land Development

An important part of the process is choosing the right site, and Milestone Ventures is here to assist in the selection, acquisition, and re-zoning of the site as well. Once that is complete, we will work through the site plan approval and utilities verification.    

Project Financing

Finding the right funding sources can make or break a project, and Milestone Ventures has the experience you need to get the appropriate funding. We have worked with Low-Income Housing Tax Credits, HOME, CDBG, Neighborhood Stabilization Program, Federal Home Loan Bank, Rural Develoment, and Conventional Financing.    


Milestone Ventures is a leader in the affordable housing field, helping non-profits produce housing expeditiously and in full compliance with federal, state, and private funder regulatory requirements.